Preparing Items for storage

Published on 6/2/2022

preparing self storage conneaut lake

Inspect and Clean

Storing soiled items can lead to staining on clothes and even attract moths, mice, and other pests if you’re not careful. Before packing anything away, there are three main things you need to do to make sure your items are looking their best when you’re ready to retrieve them. 

  • Look for and treat spots on fabric— If stains sit on clothing for long periods of time, the stain will set and may become a permanent spot on your favorite sweater. Spot treat or dry clean any imperfections to avoid damage.
  • Repair rips, tears or holes— Whether it’s a winter coat or plush sectional, look for any areas that need to be fixed. Taking a few minutes while packing to take care of this will save disappointment of not being able to wear an item when you pick it up again.
  • Polish or wipe down furniture— Use a soft, non-abrasive, dry cloth to wipe any dust or loose particles found on your furniture. If you’re storing wood, apply a coat of furniture polish to prevent it from drying out while it’s stored. Vacuum the leather and use a leather protection product.  Make sure all of your items are completely dry before packing them up. This will help to avoid trapped moisture turning into mold.
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